Who we are

We are Dedicated to the co-creation and operation of circular and regenerative innovations to promote a sustainable development of local communities in Africa and elsewhere

How we do this

We promote circular and regenerative innovations to distrupt systemic domant structure, varying from regenerative agriculture(food forestry and permaculture) to green buildings and sustainable energy techniques. We pilot, and scale proven innovations through ventures


2.We train smallholder farmers on syntropic food forestry and permaculture. We also give technical support to the trained farmers to develop their syntropic food forests and regenerate their farms.


1.We set up living labs both in the cities (mostly in slums) and in the villages to co-create and innovate together with the local communities. These living labs acts as spaces for innovating, prototyping, and piloting, business creation and scaling circular and regenerative solutions

ecosystem services

(agro)biodiversity, carbon sequestration, water retention, recycling of nutrients, and natural pest and disease control


We aim to equip local communities with the right tools and networks that will eventually make them more climate resilient at the same time, giving the autonomy and the economic freedom extreme weather and expensive external inputs like chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are toxic to (human) nature

Our Impact

Empowering Smallholder Farmers

Communities regaining ownership of food system, smallholder farmers can become important drivers in the fight against climate change, loss of biodiversity and poverty in East Africa

Important building blocks

our approach are a long-term engagement and cooperation with the communities we work with

Mobilization of available capital ( human talents, indigenous knowledge, organic wastes )

focus on blended learning-by-doing in a ceaseless search for holistic solutions that are tailor-made to the specific needs and circumstances of local stakeholders.

Our Activites

Knowledge dissemination

We have developed a blended learning programme with 6 modules (Food forestry, water management, soil management, Entrepreneurship, and leadership training.

Technical support

Alongside trainings, we also offer technical support to our trainees. For farmers who are interested in developing syntropic food forest, we support them in the designing stage and walk with them step by step to learn and address the challenges they face along the way.

Latest News

Stories from Recent Projects we have been working on

Our Stories

We have worked with Vast range of famers across Africa with many happy stories