About Feedback to the Future

Legal entity, funding, remuneration & dissolution Feedback to the Future

Stichting Feedback to the Future is a dynamic non-profit foundation established in the Netherlands in 2020. The foundation is managed by a board of three governors who bear the final responsibility for all operations

Our mission

With a view to 2026 it is our mission to invert the downward development cycle of land degradation, urbanization, and growing poverty into an upward cycle of ecosystem restoration based on the planting and operation of

±5,000 hectares of food forests by smallholder farmers in Kenya, improving the food security/safety, wealth, health, and wellbeing in targeted communities resulting in a sustainable community development

Meet Our Team


Benedetta Kyengo



Guus Paardekoper



Marc Buiter


Our objective

The general objective of Feed Back to the Future is co-creation and operation of circular and regenerative innovations to promote a sustainable development of local communities in Africa and elsewhere.

The foundation subscribes to all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations and focuses specifically on the following SDG’s. 

Our approach ​

Feedback to the Future focuses on stimulating a bottom-up transition toward a sustainable local food system in Kenya, based on syntropic food forestry and local market development that promote ecosystem restoration and social, economic, and ecological self-sufficiency and resilience of local communities.