Our Programs and Activities


Knowledge dissemination

We have developed a blended learning programme with 6 modules (Food forestry, water management, soil management, Entrepreneurship, and leadership training.

Our blended learning program is composed of a digital app that is accessible both online and offline and can be shared using Bluetooth. This makes the app more accessible in place without internet connections. We combine the digital learning with face to face and practical trainings.

Our current projects we are in Makueni county and Nairobi. In Makueni we focus on regenerative agriculture specifically syntropic food forestry and in Nairobi we are working on circular economy and food systems.

Technical support

Alongside trainings, we also offer technical support to our trainees. For farmers who are interested in developing syntropic food forest, we support them in the designing stage and walk with them step by step to learn and address the challenges they face along the way. To increase our capacity for providing technical support we train trainers who are front runners farmers and hire them to support their fellow farmers in the implementation.

Develop market

For the sustainability of our projects, after piloting, we translate these innovations into businesses to make them self-standing independent from funding and to support the livelihoods of the communities we work with.

The ‘syntropic food forestry’ method starts with the introduction of productive perennials as a complement to organic plant beds with annual leafy vegetables, grasses, and cereals.

The mixing of both annuals (vegetables, grains etc.) and perennials (fruit and nuts, trees) allows farmers to get short term results,

predominantly female smallholders – was very enthusiastic. The FttF team was able to implement various activities in 2020 and 2021, resulting in a/o:

the development of (digital) training materials (5 modules) for blended learning supported by mobile applications for simple smartphones and tablets

community meetings for about 500 residents of Maiani and other villages in Makueni county to inform and engage them for the trainings and following transformation of their land into food forests

extended agroecology trainings and guidance in syntropic food forestry to 170 smallholders in Maiani

the set-up of 60 private nurseries of (perennial) seedlings on the land of local farmers

the co-design and start-up of 80 syntropic food forests (incl. annual vegetables) on the land of smallholders in Makueni, covering an area of about 400 acres (±160 hectares) in all

the organization of five self-help groups of local farmers in Makueni who are motivated to organize themselves into local food cooperatives.


Education & Outreach
We provide knowledge through our blended learning trainings. This is done in two ways, face to face class training and using our online training tool the app can be downloaded link. The training materials are accessible without internet and the app can also be shared through via bluetooth.
Advisory services
We help farmers design and plant their food forest by providing one on one  advise on design, water management, and planting of the food forest garden. We also make seedlings accessible to the farmers and facilitate establishment of nurseries by the farmers.
Support Services
We facilitate the development of food forests by the farmers by offering the required resources like hand on trainings, seedlings and dam liners. We bring together experts from private sectors and agroecology sector to work with small holders farmers in semi-arid areas.
We care for the future

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